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Crawl Space Insulation Contractor in Tulsa, OK

Insulation being installed in a home under construction

If your home has an uninsulated crawl space, it isn’t as energy-efficient as it could be, potentially costing you money on your utility bill.

Contact Installed Building Products Tulsa for crawl space insulation. We’ll inspect your crawl space and discuss the right insulation option for you.

Benefits of Crawl Space Insulation for Your Home

There are many benefits to adding crawl space insulation to your home. Insulation maximizes your home’s energy efficiency by removing a point where air can leak out of the structure. Without insulation in the crawl space, hot- and cold-treated air is easily lost through the floor.

Insulating the crawl space will also help improve your indoor air quality and maximize your comfort. It reduces strain on your heating and cooling systems, reducing wear and tear and protecting them from damage and costly repairs.

Cost Savings of Adding Crawl Space Insulation

In most cases, homeowners recoup the cost of insulating the crawl space within just a few seasons. This makes it a cost-effective investment in comfort that generates positive returns year after year. Most homeowners find that they can operate their HVAC systems far less frequently after crawl space insulation is installed.

Most also discover that their annual HVAC service appointments uncover fewer problems and don’t require as many repairs. That money adds up quickly and can be used for purposes other than home maintenance and repair.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Adding crawl space insulation can also improve indoor air quality. The insulation provides an effective barrier against outside air pollution, dirt, pests, pollen and other airborne allergens. It is a permanent shield that ensures these pollutants don’t enter the crawl space and circulate through the home’s air supply.

This will improve your comfort and help you breathe easier day and night. Crawl space insulation can be particularly beneficial for homeowners with breathing conditions such as COPD, allergies, asthma, etc.

Our Team Offers Quick Installation

Most crawl space insulation work is straightforward, meaning most homes require less than a few hours to complete the task. This makes it a fast, efficient and effective method for creating long-lasting comfort.

Insulating Ventilated and Unventilated Crawl Spaces in Your Home

Fiberglass batt insulation in a crawl space

Crawl spaces that aren’t properly insulated are prone to water damage from moisture from the ground under your house. This can cause inconvenient (and potentially costly) problems.

If your crawl space is ventilated, it can be difficult to keep warm in the winter and dehumidify in the summer, the latter of which can result in higher moisture levels. The professionals at IBP Tulsa can insulate the subfloor and between the floor joists.

Sealing between the house and crawl space isn’t as important for unventilated crawl spaces. In our opinion, if you have to choose, it’s best to insulate the walls instead.

Installing crawl space insulation can help:

  • Reduce your utility bills
  • Maximize the energy efficiency of your home
  • Make your home a more comfortable space
  • Improve the efficiency of your air conditioner
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

No matter what type of crawl space you have and what material you use, you’ll notice the difference crawl space insulation can make. Our team of expert contractors can help you find a solution for your insulation problems.

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If you’re located in Oklahoma, IBP Tulsa is a good name to know. We have experience installing insulation in crawl spaces and subfloors, and our professionals use only high-quality materials from leading manufacturers.

As part of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies, IBP Tulsa offers knowledge, experience, and resources that few companies can match.

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Crawl Space Insulation FAQs

How much crawl space insulation do I need to install?

A few factors determine how much insulation you need to install, including:

  • Where you live
  • The age of your home
  • Area(s) of your home you need to insulate
  • And more

Where can I get insulation?

Insulation is available at home improvement and hardware stores, but we recommend contacting a local insulation company. This helps ensure the insulation is installed correctly and safely so it does what it’s meant to — help increase your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

How much money does crawl space insulation save?

It’s difficult to determine exactly how much insulation can save you based on a universal scale, but homeowners can save a lot of money each year by installing insulation. Re-insulating is a good way to help maximize your home’s energy efficiency. Specifics about how much energy you can save with insulation depend on where you live, the size of your house and more.

Will insulating my crawl space prevent mold and rot?

Moisture is a major issue in basements and can be an even bigger problem in crawl spaces. First, think of how often you check on your crawl space. Not often, right? Basements are more frequently visited, so if a leaky foundation or basement mold issue occurs from excess moisture, you may be more likely to notice that.

The same isn’t always true of a crawl space. Elevated humidity levels in an uninsulated crawl space are more likely to cause mold growth. Moisture and mold in the crawl space have the potential to rot structural elements, seep into the house, and ruin indoor air quality.

Residential Insulation

We offer a wide assortment of insulation products to suit your specific needs.

Commercial Insulation

We insulate metal buildings, warehouses and other commercial properties.


No matter your gutter needs, the IBP Tulsa team has you covered.

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