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Why Is There Standing Water in my Gutters?

Is there standing water in your gutters? Have you checked your downspouts? One of the most common causes of gutter damage in Tulsa is standing water in the gutters. If you don’t fix the problem ASAP, a gutter replacement may be in your future — or worse yet, expensive water damage, roof damage, or foundation damage.

If you’ve noticed standing water in your gutter, call the Tulsa gutter installation experts at IBP. In the meantime, here’s a guide to why your gutters are full of water even when the rain stops.

What Causes Standing Water in Gutters?

Here are some of the most common causes of standing water in gutters:

Clogged Downspout

When gutters aren’t cleaned, clogged downspouts can cause gutters to fill with water, leading to roof damage, siding damage and foundation damage as water pours over the sides of the gutter.

There are many different things that can cause your gutters to clog, which can lead to standing water. Besides a downspout clog, the source of the problem might be:

  • Sticks and twigs
  • Leaves
  • Tennis or golf balls or small toys
  • Animal nest

Inadequate Gutter Slope

Anything less than one-quarter inch of slope per 10 feet of gutter can result in standing water. Gutters that aren’t sloped correctly could be a result of improper installation, or they could be result of sagging over time. While fixing an incorrectly sloped gutter may sound like a simple DIY fix, it’s best to call a professional; a “solution” to gutter slope problems in one area may cause a new problem elsewhere if the fix isn’t done correctly.

Sagging Gutters

We’ve already mentioned it: Gutter sag occurs when your gutters have bent or pulled away from the home due to too much weight for the hardware or improper spacing of the hangers in the first place. Thin, low-cost vinyl gutters will bend under extra loads, too, if not properly installed or if low quality products are installed.

Gutter Installation and Gutter Guards in Tulsa

If you have a lot of trees in your backyard, you live in a wooded area or you just don’t want to deal with standing water, clogs and other problems, gutter guards are a practical solution.

If your gutters have standing water, immediate repair is required. A professional may even recommend full replacement. Is there standing water in your gutters?

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